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About The Dog Barn

The Dog Barn is a place that loves dogs and it is filled with people who love dogs too! We’re about all things that your dog needs. Meet The Dog Barn Family . . .

“We love the people who work here almost as much as we love dogs. We are very lucky to have a team that embodies what we always dreamed The Dog Barn would be” – Jo & Gareth

jo  Gareth


Alison – Head Training Instructor

Alison has worked for The Dog Barn since the very beginning, she is trained in Canine First Aid, Micro-chipping and is qualified in Advanced Dog Grooming.  Alison is also our Head Training Instructor, please see our Training page. Alison was previously employed as a Veterinary Nurse and has competed in Obedience at Crufts with her Collie, Bryn. As well as grooming and training Alison has completed several Canine Nutrition seminars.

Alison currently owns a Labrador called Wibble and a Collie cross called Pumpkin as well as 2 cats!

What does Alison say?

“I love The Dog Barn and I enjoy the variety of people and dogs that I get to meet every day. The area I love most is working with dogs with behavioral problems and rehabilitation.”



Grooming Department


Natalie – Groomer

Natalie has worked with us for just over a year having previously worked at a college teaching Dog Grooming. Natalie is a qualified Groomer, Canine First Aid trained and an APDT Training Instructor.

What does Natalie say?

“I love working at The Dog Barn because I love dogs, particularly my German Shepherd, Ziggy. I’m really looking forward to competing in Rally this year.”





Customer Service

Pippa – Shop Assistant

You will find Pippa serving in the shop on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

What does Pippa say?

“I have owned dogs all my life and as a teenager worked in dog kennels. I started bringing my Shih Tzu Mabel to be groomed and fell in love with The Dog Barn. As my furry family grew with the addition of my handsome boy Dillion the red and white setter I knew the only place I would take him for training was to Alison and Margaret. Then it was through The Dog Barn we found Dipper the cocker spaniel and completed our family.”


 …and more importantly!



Spud is a very lively and energetic member of The Dog Barn. He likes to be outside and potters around between Daycare and the shop with an occasional nap in the house in between.

What does Spud say?

Lots! He is very vocal.







We adopted Lyla from Merseyside Retired Greyhound Trust.

What does Lyla do?

Very little, she will outrun all of our other dogs every morning just to prove that she can and then its back to the couch for the rest of the day and will get up only if someone starts cooking.








Maneash is one of our former show dogs, she is a Champion with a Junior Warrant and has won classes at Crufts.

Interesting fact about Maneash

She loves tennis balls a little too much!






Wolf is our son George’s dog. He is extremely clever and loves to work, we also use him for in house training and he can be found wherever George is.

Why do you like working at The Dog Barn?






Tilly is a big character in a small package. She is extremely clever and has already working to an extremely high level in obedience. She helps out in the shop with us during the day.

Favourite thing about The Dog Barn

Treats, especially sausages!











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