Playtime & Training

Playtime & Training

Training your dog should enhance the bond between you, ensure both your and your dog’s safety and be fun along the way!

There are many different levels of and methods of training and our training classes and staff are here to help with any problems you may be having. We also stock a variety of training aids to help you and your dog overcome any problems you may be having. Our staff and trainers will be happy to advise you and demonstrate how to use any of the products we sell to make training your dog an easy and enjoyable experience. Dog playtime and training made easy!

Haltis & Cannycanni Collars

Dog pulling on the lead is a common behaviour and teaching them to walk on the lead will take time and patience but there are a variety of training aids to help you along the way. Halti Head Collars and Canny Collars are kind, comfortable and effective ways to help with dogs who pull on the lead. Made from nylon and padded for comfort, both the Halti and Canny Collar help combat pulling on the lead without restricting jaw movement and promoting good on-lead behaviour. Such is the construction and manufacture of Halti and Canny Collars, you will be able to train your excitable pup without discomfort.

Recall Lines & Training Leadslead

Halti Training Leads can be used as an everyday lead or a specialist training tool. With 8 different uses including a short lead option for heel work or a longer option for recall training, the Halti Training Lead is a valuable tool for any dog owner. Made from soft padded nylon, the training lead is comfortable to use and therefore ideal for day to day use whether training or just going for a walk!

Clix Long Lines are available in 2 lengths – 5m and 10m – and are designed to aid recall training, allowing your dog some freedom with the knowledge that they are secure, enabling you to practice recall training with confidence!

harnessAnti-Pull Harnesses

Anti-Pull Harness and Lead sets works with your dog’s natural movements allowing you maximum control without compromising your dog’s comfort and helping to stop pulling whilst walking on the lead. If you are unsure about which set is going to be the correct choice for your dog, just ask a member of staff to show you how to find the right size and fit the harness for your dog to make walking on the lead a much calmer, more enjoyable experience. Expert canine help and advice at The Dog Barn can ensure that you and your dog will gain the right solution.


One of the best parts of being a dog owner is getting to spend some quality playtime with your pet. Kong toys are designed to be fun, safe and super durable. Choose from their wide range of natural rubber toys, perfect for dogs that love to chew! Or why not try one of their interactive, fetch and retrieve Wubba or Squeezz toys guaranteed to be great fun for you and your dog to enjoy together!

toysSoft Toys

Playtime is an important developmental activity for your pup and is part of the important process of cementing the bond between you. Whether your dog loves chasing a ball, playing fetch or chewing away to their hearts content we’re happy to offer a wide range of toys to suit every dog! With soft and fluffy plush toys available in a variety of designs and sizes there’s sure to be something to suit any dog. With squeakers and rattles or minimal stuffing for minimal mess, our selection of soft toys will provide hours of entertainment for your four legged friends!

Pet Correctorscorrector

Pet Correctors emit an inert gas which produces a hissing sound used to distract the dog and warn them away from unwanted behaviour. Repeat performances allows the dog to learn and stop unwanted barking, jumping up and stealing food etc.

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