The Dog Barn Playtime

Playtime is a fantastic way to give your dog plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Playtime is open for all people friendly and sociable dogs. If your dog gets along with others and enjoys socialising, bring them along to one of our playtimes for lots of fun. Your dog can freely mix with others and enjoy playing either on or off lead. It is supervised by our instructors and marshals at all times, who will try and diffuse any tension or problems before they start.









What if my dog isn’t keen on other dogs or people?

If you are worried about whether your dog will enjoy playtime and mix with other dogs please come down and take a look. You can have a chat with an instructor who is supervising and take it from there. You may not be able to take part but we will certainly help with advice and support regarding training so that you and your dog may be able to join in further down the line. Getting to the point where you are comfortable to let your dog mix freely with people and other dogs is straight forward for some dogs and a little more tricky for others but we are here to help.

Have fun and stay safe

Playtime is open to dog and people friendly dogs. Dogs should only attend if they are familiar and comfortable socialising with others.

Bitches in season are not permitted

Owners are responsible for their own dogs.

The field is NOT 100% escape proof. Owners should only allow their dogs off lead if they are comfortable to do so.

Any problems or concerns should be reported to a marshal or instructor immediately.

Please comply with any instructions given by a marshal or instructor.

For safety reasons, there is a limit of 2 dogs per handler.

Families are welcome although playtimes may not be suitable for younger children. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Agility and playground equipment is for use by dogs only.

Treats should be given discreetly and to your own dog only.

Toys are provided, dogs who may be toy possessive should speak to an instructor before attending.

Please clean up after your dog.




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