Competitive Obedience Class

This class is for any level of dog from puppies upwards – you do not even need to have a desire to compete.


The class is designed to teach exercises thoroughly whilst using motivational and reward-based methods. The main aim is to have fun, nothing can be achieved whilst shouting at your dog. This class will help build an even stronger bond with your dog and also learn to read your dogs body language as well as use your own body signals to take your training one step further. You will teach your dogs how to play and bring this play into your work whilst learning the importance of timing, footwork and commands. Learn exciting new exercises like Sendaway, Scent and Distance Control. If you wish to move onto competitions we will give you all the advice and support that you need. We can provide details of all the classes  and shows available to enter from the Special Pre – Beginners (for anyone who has gained a bronze certificate in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Tests) up to the top class C.

All breeds and ages are welcomed, come and have a go.



When is it?

Classes are every Sunday at 3pm to 4pm from 18th March 2018.

Classes are pay as you go, if you are don’t already train here at The Dog Barn please bring your dog’s vaccination card to your first class, it is £10 for your membership which includes your first class and then £5 per class. For more information regarding this class or to put your name down for the classes please contact us.


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