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There’s something for everyone amongst the range of the dog barn’s training programs . . .

Here at The Dog Barn we aim to provide something for everyone and we’re a leading provider of dog training in Merseyside. From puppy training to fun agility and flyball, courses to pay-as-you-go-classes, we hope to find the right sort of training for you and your dog. We are pleased to offer a number of different training options including obedience and socialisation classes, behavioural advice and obedience courses, agility training and new flyball and rally classes.

We also do one-to-one private lessons for more specific behaviour problems and home visits to help with problems in dogs’ own environments such as jumping up, chewing and stealing, etc.



oisinEarly 2016 we relocated to Liverpool and we were looking for a reliable, professional and friendly dog daycare for our more than lively Vizsla puppy Oisín. We researched the local area for daycare facilities and finally we enrolled with The Dog Barn “family” in March of this year. To our satisfaction, The Dog Barn offered not only daycare services but also 1-on-1 training, group training, food, safety, toy supplies and to our further satisfaction regular dog “open-playgrounds”; all in all a wonderful place. Oisín very quickly adapted to his second home and soon The Dog Barn became his extended family. He was very happy and balanced there. He has benefited from full daycare three times a week and additional 1-on-1 training with instructor Dave Carter. The training were initially based on Oisín’s behavioural issues (basic commands) but soon with Dave’s expertise he addressed our role as dog owners… We all graduated in obedience training, exercise management and impulse control.

Oisín rapidly picked up Dave’s teachings and bonded with him. It was a joy to see how he proudly showed off his new skills outside of The Dog Barn environment. Dave has been an invaluable teacher, coach and person in our lives. His training and personality have made a profoundly positive impact on us!

We will always be grateful for this experience. Thank you everybody at The Dog Barn.

Terry McCormick, Ziggy Marot and Oisín.


cockerpooListen up my furry friends. When your humans tell you that you’re going to The Dog Barn to meet new doggy friends and to learn all the things you need to know to be a happy, well behaved dog – don’t be fooled…it’s NOT a barn! You’re going to do your training on what is probably the windiest, wettest, coldest field in the whole world and you know what….it’s BRILLIANT!

If you can learn all the things they want you to know, like sit, down, stay, come (and some fun things that you don’t need to know, but which always make people smile, like wave & peekaboo) surrounded by all the distractions of the great outdoors, then going to the park will be a doddle. I should know: as a cockerpoo who loves to attach her nose to the ground and chase all the interesting smells, I’ve managed to learn loads.

Oh, and I must mention the mad woman! The lovely Alison, who must be mad because she stands in that field, whatever the weather, turning blue with cold, getting soaking wet or just occasionally (very occasionally) getting roasted by the sun, teaching the humans (who, let’s be honest, are the ones who really need training) how to get us to do what they want. She really understands us dogs: whether we’re big or small, pedigree or Heinz 57, a bit shy (like me), a bit bolshie (like…no, I’d better not name names), or just a bit bonkers (that’s me again!) she knows just how to encourage us to do what we’re supposed to.  Of course, the liver cake she keeps in her pocket helps – if you decide to come and join me at training class, make sure your humans buy some from the shop…it’s yummy!

Cindy x


jamieMe and Morgan the Labrador have loved Saturday afternoon Fun Agility at The Dog Barn with Alison. We have learned a lot from Alison and from our friends in the class.  Morgan looks forward to Saturdays as much as I do. Thanks for all the fun.

Jamie Wright  – Aged 11



bellaWe fell in love with Bella, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, two years ago when we saw her at the RSPCA in Warrington. She is a lovely dog with lots of personality and love, but as she was getting settled in her new home we noticed a few behavior issues, mainly aggression with other dogs, as well as basic training problems. She was very anxious and nervous, which is understandable as we don’t know much about her background and as new parents needed some help! We found The Dog Barn and took her for her first lessons in the puppy class where knowing how Bella reacts to other dogs, I don’t know who was more nervous at the sight of a field full of dogs, me or Bella! Alison reassured us everything would be fine and she would get better. Bella would bark and stare at every dog on the field and we would stand well away from everyone in the group. Now, after two fun years at The Dog Barn Bella is a different dog, she loves going to class and so do we. She bounds onto the field with her tail constantly wagging for the hour lesson. Thanks to Lulu (Alison’s dog) Bella has learnt not every dog is a threat. She has made friends with our friends’ dogs and we never thought we would ever see that day! Although she isn’t totally fine with every dog we meet yet, she is happy and a lot more relaxed. She loves learning and can now do all sorts of tricks and she loves the agility course. Our family and friends all comment when they come to the house how much more relaxed she is. The difference is amazing. We can’t imagine life without Bella or The Dog Barn! We look forward to having many more years of fun with Bella there.

Liz & James


greyhoundWe have two rescue greyhounds, a brindle girl called Keela and a black boy called Brodie. When we first got Keela last summer she was too frightened to walk past even a parked car and had obviously never been inside a house-she tried to hide in the garden. We started going to the dog barn training classes to help increase her confidence and to help her social skills. She is a different dog now ,she is much more relaxed  and learning more week by week.

Brodie, who we got later in the year is goofy and bouncy and was not used to meeting other breeds of dogs, the training classes have really helped in getting him used to meeting other dogs in a controlled way. They both enjoy their training sessions and their recall  and focus on learning is improving all the time.

Jean O’Connor


leonbergersWe have four Leonbergers, Gemma (10), Layla and Denny (4) and Kiko (20 months). We have shown them all and Layla is a UK champion. Kiko has qualified for Crufts twice so far. We have always taken our dogs to obedience training classes and Kiko is currently a regular at The Dog Barn on Monday nights. Kiko also loves taking part in the fun agility classes on Saturday afternoons. Pictured here are all four dogs enjoying themselves in the big field at The Dog Barn.

Julie Westwood


VLUU L310 W / Samsung L310 WMy name is “Leonmoor Hairspray Miss Ella Fitzgerald”, but you can call me Ella. I am a 10 month old Leonberger and have been attending ‘The Dog Barn school for young lady dogs’ since I was 12 weeks old. When I first went to the puppy class I was very nervous as I hadn’t been with so many different dogs before, but I quickly made lots of good friends. Annoyingly my humans kept making me do lots of things like sitting and waiting and walking right next to them instead of letting me play with my friends ;  but on the plus side I discovered the wonders of liver cake! I love liver cake! Alison, who is something called a trainer, is lovely and she always has liver cake in her pocket…did I mention I loooooove liver cake? I have been in lots of different classes on a Saturday and a Monday evening, I leave the organisation and timings to my human staff, but I have loved going to every one of them! They also have me jumping through hoops sometimes and you can see me doing that elsewhere on the website. I also like going to see Becky in the shop as she lets me sniff all the treats and the liver cake. The only thing I don’t like is they insist on putting me on the scales in the shop where everybody can see the screen! I try and get a paw on the floor wherever possible to help, some things a lady should keep private after all, especially when you are my size! We get to have a run around after the class sometimes and that is just brilliant, although if I’m tired I like to stay with the owners as they have liver cake because you can buy it from Becky. My new half brother, Duke Ellington, is due to arrive soon and I told my humans to get his name down on the puppy class list as soon as possible. I hope he doesn’t embarrass me in front of my class, you know what little brothers can be like! He better not come anywhere near my liver cake either! Hope to see you at class soon.


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