One to one Training

One to one training

One to one training can be a good start for dogs that are easily distracted or those tricky problems that can’t be tackled during a group class.

Our first session begins with an informal chat with one of our senior instructors and gives us a chance to get to know you and your dog. We can go through the issues that need to be resolved or set goals and targets to get your dog to the level you are aiming for. Some issues are best solved by participating in a group class and some require a combination of group and private lessons. Once we have the information we need, we can go through all of the options available to you. Nothing is too much trouble and we can set goals together and work towards them, often surpassing expectations.


What happens next?

Once we have started we can work out the best training program complete with home based assignments for you and your dog, this may involve a course of private one to one lessons to complete our targets or private lessons to increase yours and your dogs confidence before transitioning to group lessons.We can do the groundwork at the beginning so that you can drop your dog off with us for the lesson and our instructors will do the training if you would prefer. The instructors will give you progress updates and homework. You can then get involved in the lessons further down the line so that we can show you the progress that has been made and we can demonstrate handling techniques and commands so that your dog is being trained consistently using the same methods whether they are here or at home.


How can we help?rally

One to one training can help in many ways whether it is making dog ownership more fun and less stressful or opening doors to a world of activities and social situations that owning a well trained dog brings:

General training on specific problems such as recall, manners, lead pulling or energy management.

Help focus dogs who are easily distracted.

A consistent and reliable recall.

Increasing the difficulty of work for dogs who have a basic understanding of obedience to build to a more advanced level.

Improve confidence for nervous owners.

Help with  dogs and owners who need a little more time and tuition than a group class can offer.



30 minute private lesson – £15

Owners are more than welcome to stay for sessions where the instructor will be training the dog and most sessions will require owner participation for all or some of the lesson.

We can also offer a residential training option. We are a licenced boarding kennels, in some cases when required we may be able to offer your dog a more intensive training program. Once you have taken your dog home you would then bring your dog to us for private lessons to reinforce and demonstrate what has been taught during their time here. This option is structured on a case by case basis, please contact us for more information.


For more training videos please see our YouTube channel



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